Evolutionary Delivery (Evo)

Evolutionary delivery has many benefits:

  • It solves the Requirements Paradoxes
    Requirements must be stable to develop reliable results, however, the requirements always change. Therefore we have to provoke requirements change as quickly as possible. If a requirement will change, it better changes before we have spent too much time on it.
  • It allows us to cope with changing idea's, concepts, market developments, suddenly emerging circumstances, overlooked or unforeseen.
  • It provides rapid feedback of the results of decisions, estimates en planning, providing quick learning by project management and developers on better estimates, better planning, better tracking and better delivering results on time.
  • It provides customers with a choice of Time to Market. The product under development is always (at least as quickly as possible) a working, functional product, with the most important functionality in. The customer can choose to add or leave out less important functionality at any time and thus tune the functionality/time-to-market opportunities.
  • The result is solid control of development projects, faster results, better quality, less stressed developers and happy customers, providing maximised economy.

A lot of material about Evo is collected in booklets, presentations, handouts and a video, see the booklets and downloads page.
In the following pages we will eventually add more material. We start with Issues. After all, we first have to develop the problem, before coming up with possible solutions.