People oppose change ?

Some people say that people don't like change. I don't believe that. People love change, if they see the benefit. What people (sub-consciously) don't like is uncertainty. The moment we start talking about change, we create uncertainty and that's what people try to avoid.

Any project and any development changes something, therefore it will create uncertainty and hence more or less avoidance.

In projects I often avoid using words like the R-word (Requirements) or the P-word (Process). Using a word that people are not used to, creates uncertainty, and hence possible opposition (yes, in many projects people are not used to R or P, believe it or not, or they have not been educated in what that means). First we show how to work with Requirements or Processes, not using the R and P words. Rather than using "Requirements", we ask "What are the most important things we have to deliver?" Rather than using "Process", we ask: "How should we do these things?"
Once people get used to them, we can say "Now this is a Requirement" or "This is what we call a Process". Because people now know what they mean, the uncertainty is gone.

Conclusion: Don't work on the change, because you'd work from the wrong end. Circumvent the uncertainty. Then change isn't that difficult.