Improving the Result of Reviews and Inspections

People make mistakes. We are people. So when we are producing something, we make mistakes.

If we have completed a document, plan, design, model, code, contract, and the like, there will still be issues, right? If we ask others to take a fresh look at it, they will find things we didn’t see. Any issue that can be found and solved before entering the next stage of development saves time and money. That is what reviews and Inspections are for.

Probably you are already doing reviews, so why would you need this course? Well, research shows that reviews as they are usually performed catch only a fraction of the really important issues that could be found. With only a few hours of proper Inspection training, you’ll be amazed that you can find many more issues, where you first found only one or two minor ones. Document Inspection is a very economical technique for eliminating and, more importantly, quickly learning to prevent issues.

We ask you to bring one or two pages of a (e.g. requirements or design) document being used in your current work, perhaps even already reviewed in the usual way. Then you will show yourself the power of proper Inspections. By using your own document, you’ll learn most. You'll find out why the return on investment of proper Inspections is huge.
Warning: After the Inspection exercise you may decide to discard your document as unacceptable! But now you’ll know why, and what to do about it.

We will focus on:

The combined focus is about how our projects can be more successful in less time.

Not so long ago we organized a 2½ day Review & Inspections Workshop at Infineon in Romania, not just about how to economically conduct reviews and which different approaches there are to select from, but also about what we can do about the issues we encounter in these reviews and even how we can improve the results of our projects in general. The Romanian people liked so much what they learnt that they suggested that the people in Munich should also have a chance to learn the same things. They envisioned that this would greatly enhance the good cooperation between the German and the Romanian development people. So we repeated the course in Munich.

It is advisable that this presentation is attended by complete teams including their manager, even preferably by their business counterparts, like product managers or account managers.

Presenter: Niels Malotaux

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