Task selection criteria

A Task is a defined piece of work to be finished within a certain time. In the weekly TaskCycle, we use Tasks of 6 hr or less. Tasks are defined based on highest importance.

We allow ourselves only to work on the most important things, never on less important things
Importance, however, is determined by many things. For example: Getting something out of your mind may be a good reason for getting it done. On the other hand, it still should be really necessary to do now.

A good question to ask is "Why is this really necessary now?" If the person doesn't know an immediate answer, there is a good chance that other things are more important. Therefore, if you don't ask that question, we'll probably be wasting time somewhere.

Because we are short of time, we better use the limited available time as best as possible. We don't try to do better than possible. To make sure we do the best possible, we choose what to do in the limited available time, rather than letting it happen randomly.

The following list may help to select the priority. However, this is just a start !
Don't forget to adapt this list based on your own experience, using PDCA !