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Niels Malotaux
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When and how is Niels Malotaux available ?

Niels Malotaux often works on a basis of 1, 2, max 3 days per week for a few weeks. See for details the typical conditions.
Because I never work full time for one client, I'm usually available immediately.
Don't hesitate to contact me for a no-risk approach

Experience figures
Basic coaching usually takes between 0.5 to 1.0 day of my time, times the number of people involved. That is usually between 3 and 10 days per team, one day a week, with a gap to try it out themselves. After that we still can add a lot of improvement, but the team will already be spending 30% less time while delivering better results, and for the time being they better first focus on what they learnt, before going to the next steps.
If my advice doesn't help, for whatever reason, we typically will find out within 0.3 days of my time, times the number of people involved.

In some cases I act like a 'flying QA person', observing how people work and what they work on, suggesting and helping to implement improvements immediately, with immediate results. In this capacity recently I have travelled 2 or 3 days a week for 3 months to Manchester UK, 9 months to Dublin, 3 months to Freiburg, and 3 months to Utrecht to help out organizations. In one case, I ended up as a temporary R&D manager.
Of course, part of the coaching can be done remotely. However, initially it's important to actually observe the team on site.

If people ask me: "What is the cost of your coaching?", my standard reply is: "If it would cost, we shouldn't do it." Together we have to save more than my cost. Not in the far future, but rather now, immediately, with the work we have to do now.
That's why I always suggest not to put me on the training budget (which is limited, and can be depleted too early, as we would have to compete with other training), but rather to put me on the team's budget. Now the team has to make sure that we are creating value together, and can decide how much to get out of me. It's all about Return on Investment!

Satisfaction Guarantee
All work by Malotaux is done to the best of his ability. Still, it may be possible that the ways of working or the expectations of the Client and Malotaux don't fit. Therefore, termination of the cooperation is possible at any moment, only by formally telling this, while explaining the reason. In such cases, only the work until that very moment will be charged.

No cure no pay

The Satisfaction Guarantee and the No-Cure-No-Pay clause keep both me and you on the alert that we continuously are creating value. After all, we should practice what we preach, right?

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